Trade Solar Hot Water Sales and Service of the Envirosun Solar Hot Water Heaters

We are suppliers of Solar Hot Water Systems

With multiple warehouses throughout south east Queensland and distribution through one of Australia’s largest plumbing supply chain for trade sales and delivery nationwide. you need look no further than us for the supply of Envirosun solar hot water

We also have a trade installation service for Queensland’s South East and mid Coast with our authorised network of specialist trade solar hot water installer partners

Envirosun is a quality solar hot water product owned by the Western Australia company Energie Group, a company with hot water industry beginnings that is coming up to being 3 decades old and has justifiably earned the name within the hot water industry for having great value for money products with their quality solar hot water systems and a extensive product range to suit all of Australia’s varying environments and weather conditions


Envirosun roof mounted TS Plus solar hot water heater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gympie. Australia wide Envirosun solar hot water distribution for Envirosun hot water

Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater

The Envirosun TS Plus Thermosyphon (roof mounted tank) solar hot water systems is a absolute quality water heater with a European made 444 Stainless Steel cylinder and full copper solar collector manifold inside a insulated and sealed aluminum frame that come with a massive 7 year warranty on both tank and solar panels.  With the ultimate advantage of the Stainless steel tank is not just long lasting but the cylinder light weight when it is compared to the standard mild steel vitreous enamel lined solar’s and also does not have the need for a sacrificial anode as the do and having them changed every 4-5 years to protect the tank from deterioration. Saving you more $ in required scheduled services

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Envirosun AS Solar Hot Water System

Envirosun AS Split solar hot water heaters come in 3 different storage tank sizes, 250, 315 and 400 litre.  The Envirosun AS Solar variety also have the electrical back up element option as well as using Natural (mains) or LPG (bottled) gas boosted

The full copper manifold solar collector is inside a fully insulated and sealed aluminum frame that come with a massive 7 year warranty on both tank and solar panels.

The solar panels are available in 2 different sizes for different locations and  solar gain abilities

Envirsun solar hot water systems come with ALL valve required for installation, a duo and pressure reduction combination valve, a cold water expansion and the solar rated tempering valve required for every installation

A Solar panel flat frame is also available for roofs with a pitch below required for the solar panels to absorb heat and work correctly

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Envirosun Solar Hot Water Panels

Envirosun Solar hot water panels are very durable and made from high quality components.

Internal pipework and collector plates are made from copper coated black for faster and nore heat absorption

The frames are aluminum completely sealed with toughened glass and fully insulated on the underside to trap heat within

Envirosun have solar panels in 2 different sizes, a 2m2 panel and a 2.5m2 solar collector panel. this offers a great option for the different climates and orientation of roofs to the sun

Quality solid brass 22mm fittings connecting the pipework and panels together

Slimline and very neat looking doesn’t look terrible on your roof

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Builder/Trade Solar Hot Water Supply and Plonk service

For new homes or renovations and anywhere up to large scale complex developments we offer a easy solar hot water supply and plonk on service for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gympie and beyond with our network of local Solar Hot Water Specialists covering almost everywhere. Contact us for more details on different solar hot water installations and partial installations available for the building industry and trade businesses
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Enviroheat Heat Pump

Envirosun’s newest addition to their range of  solar hot water systems is the Enviroheat heat pump ( air sourced solar) is now also available through us at prices that make the installation of your standard gas and electric hot water systems in new home and development constructions as thing of the past. With running costs that are up to 75% cheaper than electric and lpg gas hot water heaters these systems have a break even time in outlay vs running costs of under 1 year, from there the home owner is saving money big time on their electricity bills for the life of the system. Made by the worlds largest appliance manufacturer Haier, parent company of Fisher and Paykel have all the right components inside.

We come with 5 year tank warranty, a 3 year warranty on the Compressor and a 1 year component offers a warranty with substance and peace of mind in choosing a Enviroheat

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