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Advanced Energy Efficiency Hot Water Solutions Designed and Built for Townsville Conditions.

Advanced energy efficiency hot water solutions designed and built for Townsville conditions

Water heating doesn’t have to be the major household running cost that it used to be Envirosun has a range of energy efficient products to slash your water heating costs and help create a sustainable low carbon future on the Townsville For Fast Solar Hot Water System Replacements Call 1300 728 122.

The Envirosun and Enviroheat story is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back some twenty-five years. We know what works, what lasts and what’s needed. and while they are not the biggest hot water heating company in Australia, they are dedicated to delivering the latest proven technology in solar and heat pump energy efficient hot water systems.

Envirosun have the absolute highest levels of quality control in solar hot water manufacturing in Australia, this makes installing an Envirosun a satisfied feeling that our clients with have a trouble free experience and save some serious $ on furture energy costs.

Envirosun has a group of highly experienced solar hot water experts throughout southeast Queensland and beyond giving you the consumer direct access to this specialist solar hot water network. Envirosun also has distribution abilities nationwide through the solar specialists chain and merhant stores, you need look no further than us for the supply and installation of Envirosun solar hot water systems throughout the Townsville. We also have the Enviroheat heat pump hot water system, undoubtedly the best value for money and quality made heat pump in the market. Contact us on 1300 728 122 for more information and prices for the Enviroheat heat pump on the Townsville, best prices, best installations, best products guaranteed

Envirosun is a quality solar hot water product owned by the Western Australia company Energie Group Australia, a company with hot water industry beginnings that is coming up to being 3 decades old and has justifiably earned the name within the hot water industry for having great value for money products with their quality solar hot water systems and an extensive product range to suit all of Australia’s varying environments and weather conditions

100% Australian Owned Solar Hot Water System

The Envirosun solar hot water range is made from the highest quality Australian, European and Asian made products available and are assembled here in Australia, we source local products where we can to make the best solar hot water system in the hot water industry. Envirosun supports Australian manufacturing where available . ALL profits remain Australian and reinvested into building the range of quality Envirosun Solar and Enviroheat Heat Pump hot water systems. Big enough to have a complete range yet small enough to care and have the Quality control in hot water manufacturing that is second to none.





It has never been more important for Australians to support Australian companies

Products Range

Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater
Envirosun AS Solar Hot Water Systems
Envirosun Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Envirosun THX Glycol Solar Hot Water Systems


Envirosun TS System Brochure

The Envirosun TS Plus Thermosyphon (roof-mounted tank) solar hot water system is an absolute quality water heater.

Envirosun AS System Brochure

The Envirosun AS solar hot water system (split solar) storage cylinders have the absolute best pumping systems available.

Envirosun Heat Pump System Brochure

The Envirosun Heat Pump Hot Water System (air sourced solar) is made by the worlds largest appliance manufacturer.

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